• Sister murdered IKON journalist can look into the client

    Sister murdered IKON journalist can look into the client

    lesbos September 24, 2018 20:48 Hot Recent News

    It has lasted 36 years, but at last Sonja ter Laag can see the man who had her brother, IKON journalist Hans ter Laag, murdered. That happened in 1982 in El Salvador. The program Zembla unmasked the man, while Sister Sonja is on Lesbos for a reportage that has common ground with the work where her brother was killed.

  • Already 12 people died from heat wave Montreal

    Already 12 people died from heat wave Montreal

    montreal July 4, 2018 22:03 Hot Recent News

    Another six people died from the ongoing heat in the Canadian city of Montreal. The thermometer has been indicating temperatures above 33 degrees for days. The number of victims is therefore twelve. The weather services issued a heat alarm for Montreal. Also for a large part of Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick warnings were given for the heat.

  • Zembla journalist not prosecuted

    Zembla journalist not prosecuted

    utrecht May 24, 2018 14:57 Hot Recent News

    The Public Prosecution Service will not prosecute Zembla journalist Ton van der Ham for local trespassing at the University Medical Center in Utrecht. The Public Prosecutor believes that the journalist is guilty, but has decided not to continue the case.

  • Pornstars die massively

    Pornstars die massively

    los angeles January 22, 2018 19:24 Hot Recent News

    Olivia Lua, Olivia Nova, August Ames, Yuriza Beltran and Shyla Stylez. Just some porn stars together. They have an agreement: they have all died in the last three months and the porn industry is looking for answers and is therefore the emergency bell.

  • Multiple deaths and wounded explosion Portugal

    vila nova da rainha January 13, 2018 23:51 Hot Recent News

    In a gas explosion in a clubhouse in Portugal, several people were killed and dozens of people were injured. According to the fire department, there are at least six deaths and the number of injured is around fifty.

  • 'Refugees sell bodies for crossing to Europe'

    'Refugees sell bodies for crossing to Europe'

    September 13, 2017 05:06 Hot Recent News

    To fund their crossing to Europe, an unidentified number of refugees in Egypt has sold an organ. Merchants and transplant doctors deserve a lot of money here, but whether or not and how much money the refugee gets after the heavy surgery has to be seen later. This is what Zembla reports, which Wednesday's broadcast broadcasts focuses on the care practices in Egypt.

  • Researchers build mini-supercomputer

    Researchers build mini-supercomputer

    to direct April 5, 2017 09:57 Hot Recent News

    A team of Dutch researchers has built a supercomputer the size of four pizza boxes. The supercomputer named Little Green Machine II has the computing power of 10,000 PCs and has a power consumption of only about 1 percent of that of a comparable large supercomputer, reports the Dutch Research School for Astronomy (NOVA) Wednesday.

  • Measures to secure ICT Tax

    Measures to secure ICT Tax

    the hague February 9, 2017 08:57 Hot Recent News

    After media reports about security problems with the tax authorities, will be responsible Minister Eric Wiebes (Finance) additional measures. He wants to thereby limit rule out risks.

  • Zembla: Tax had Vulnerability

    Zembla: Tax had Vulnerability

    hilversum February 1, 2017 08:54 Hot Recent News

    The tax authorities have the financial and personal details of 11 million taxpayers and 2 million businesses insufficiently protected in the period from 2013 to 2016. Theft and losses can not be excluded. This is evident from confidential documents from the Tax possession of the Zembla program.

  • Activist first Canadian woman on banknote

    Activist first Canadian woman on banknote

    ottawa December 8, 2016 16:45 Hot Recent News

    Canadians in 2018 for the first time to deal with a bank in which a woman is shown from their own country. The government, according to Canadian media depicting civil rights activist and businesswoman Viola Desmond on the bills of 10 dollars.

  • Terror Files Europol leaked

    Terror Files Europol leaked

    amsterdam November 30, 2016 08:51 Hot Recent News

    Secret files of Europol on terrorism long time been accessible via the Internet, as an employee of the Dutch police had made a copy on an Internet-connected hard drive. That television program Zembla reported Wednesday. The editorial also himself had access to the hard drive. Europol has admitted the mistake in front of Zembla, say the program makers, and speaks of a ' serious incident '.

  • Canada wants to get rid of coal energy

    Canada wants to get rid of coal energy

    ottawa November 21, 2016 22:39 Hot Recent News

    Canada wants to be off for 2030 the traditional energy production by burning coal. That Environment Minister Catherine McKenna on Monday in Ottawa told the national media. Currently, coal-fired plants provide about 10 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions in the country.

  • Schools Canada cleared to 'threat'

    Schools Canada cleared to 'threat'

    toronto September 21, 2016 16:03 Hot Recent News

    All schools in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island were evacuated Wednesday. The police do so ordered because of a potential threat ' '. According to the Canadian broadcaster CBC are receiving suspicious phone calls.

  • Internet Millionaire crashed

    ljubljana July 14, 2016 22:00 Hot Recent News

    A plane crashed during a flight from Venice to Leipzig in Slovenia. Four German passengers were thus killed. Police in Nova Gorica announced this on Thursday night.

  • American refugees welcome in Canada

    American refugees welcome in Canada

    February 17, 2016 19:49 Hot Recent News

    Americans who fear life under President Donald Trump, are welcome as a refugee in Canada. A Canadian radio station in the eastern province of Nova Scotia announced that the Cape Breton Island peninsula in the province entirely at their disposal.

  • Sharleyne father goes to extreme

    Sharleyne father goes to extreme

    hoogeveen February 17, 2016 08:21 Hot Recent News

    The father of the killed Sharleyne Remouchamps (8) in Hoogeveen last year drag the emergency services for the judge, who failed to intervene when they knew the girl for years been seriously neglected by her drunken mother. Sharleyne found last June's death after falling from the tenth floor of an apartment.

  • Comet 67P contains oxygen

    Comet 67P contains oxygen

    October 28, 2015 21:30 Hot Recent News

    Comet 67P / Churyumov- Gerasimenko contains oxygen molecules. Presumably, the oxygen is already included during the formation of the comet. According to research from the European Rosetta spacecraft circling around the comet, so the Dutch Research School for Astronomy (NOVA) announced Wednesday.

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