Wrong address phone search apps

Wrong address phone search apps

Tech January 22, 2016 12:42

- The American pair Christina Lee and Michael Saba is desperate. With regularity there are very angry people at the door of their home in a suburb of Atlanta. Some accompanied by police officers. All of them reclaim their lost smartphone.

The angry visitors are sent to the address by missing apps that phones can be tracked. Why the address of Lee and Saba brings so often in image is a mystery. The smartphones are missing because there is not.

Most visitors believe the couple called as they explain what is going on. But about a quarter remain distrustful and is convinced that the technology is reliable and that Lee and Saba lie.

The tricky the situation is that the missing phones seem to have nothing in common. This involves both iPhones and Android phones and they are connected to different networks, including AT amp; T, Verizon and T-Mobile. The couple also do not know which party they must apply for a solution. Although they have reported the situation to the local police there were this year already two angry visitors at the door.

explains in an email to Fusion that her greatest fear is that they are visited by a dangerous and violent person who is not eligible for their friendly explanation. The couple was already a very bad situation when facing the police in June stood at the door, looking for a missing teenage girl. The police wanted to search the house as a crime scene because the app indicated that the missing phone of the girl was in the house.

Without additional information about the phones and the used location apps is difficult to say with certainty what the cause, says security analyst Ken Weston to Fusion. However, he suspects it is caused by an incorrect localization by cell towers. It would also be able to handle an error in Wi-Fi card data. Enabling network providers use the same Wi-Fi cards for geolocation.

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