Vampires really exist

Vampires really exist

World September 8, 2017 14:03

boston - Vampires may have existed; but then it was about people with a rare disease who thought that drinking blood was beneficial.

Researchers at the Boston Children's Hospital think that the rare blood disease erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP) has served as inspiration for the many vampire legends, The Sun writes on her website.

People suffering from this disease are sensitive to sunlight and can be exposed to a red, swollen skin, with blisters that are itching and aching in direct contact- even if it is a cloudy day. They also suffer from a chronic iron deficiency, resulting in the extremely pale face that is so characteristic of vampires.

Patients therefore stay in as much as possible and sometimes even receive blood transfusions to counteract their anemia.

Earlier it was thought that drinking of animal blood had the same effect. People also dared to leave their home alone at night because of their tender skin. And so the vampire legend was born.

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