US Air Force pickes Germans from the sea

US Air Force pickes Germans from the sea

World July 10, 2017 18:03

bremen - The American Air Force has taken action to save two Germans after their Atlantic Ocean hunt was flown and sunk. Five parachutists jumped with rubber boats from an airplane to put the men in safety.

The father (66) and son (48) came to trouble at about 800 kilometers from the American coast, reported the German rescue company DGzRS on Monday. The duo succeeded in having a satellite phone contacting their family in Bremerhaven, where an alarm was struck.

The US Coast Guard called for the help of the Air Force, sending a plane to the shipwreckers. The American parachutists succeeded in getting the Germans from their rescue fleet and transferring them to a tanker. They were later picked up with helicopters and taken to a Florida hospital.

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