These offenders are now known

These offenders are now known

World November 16, 2015 12:15

amsterdam - In total, have now been identified, five of the seven suicidal terrorists in Paris.

The identified perpetrators of the attack on his concert Bataclan Frenchman Samy Amimour (28), Omar Mostefai (29) and Brahim Abdeslam (31).

Of the three people who blew up at the Stade de France Friday two have so far been identified. It involves Frenchman Hadfi Bilal (20), who, like Brahim Abdeslam lived in Brussels, and Ahmad al Mohammad, a Syrian who would have entered the EU in October via Greece as refugees. "The authenticity of the passport that he has not yet been established with them.

An eighth offender is fugitive Belgian Salah Abdel (26). He was stopped in the night from Friday to Saturday when he tried to cross the Franco- Belgian border by car. Abdeslam would have sat with two others in a car. Agents have checked the identification cards of the three and then let them continue on their way.

According to the Belgian intelligence also played the 29-year-old Syrian fighter Abdel Hamid Abaaoud a role in the terror wave. He is the leader of the terrorist cell of IS which last January was raided in Verviers. Abaaoud was then in Molenbeek and fled to Greece.

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