Terror Headboard captured on camera

Terror Headboard captured on camera

World January 11, 2016 14:07

- There are camera images surfaced of terror suspect Salah Abdeslam, created shortly after the attacks in Paris. It is the first time that image of the topterrorist comes out.

         The French channel
BFMTV published the security images today. Abdeslam is seen as he walks inside at a gas station at the Belgian border. The images are from the morning after the attacks.
Attou along with Hamza and Mohammed Amri was Abdeslam fled after the massacre in Paris. While the capital of France was on fire, the terrorists stopped on the eye casually at the gas station to fill up equally. They stayed a total of twelve minutes hang out at the gas station.
After the attacks appeared three without problems along several police checks the Belgian border to have come about. Attou and Amri were later opgepekt in Molenbeek, but Abdeslam is until today without a trace.


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