Suspicious December trial died

World December 2, 2017 11:24

paramaribo - One of the suspects in the Surinamese trial about the December murders, Ruben Rozendaal, has died. He would have committed suicide, reported the Surinamese news site Star News Saturday.

Rozendaal heard a sentence of ten years imprisonment against him due to involvement in the political murder of fifteen Surinamese in December 1982. Rozendaal counted on acquittal, because he had expressed his regret and had cooperated in his trial. At the end of that session he said that he was very disappointed at the time and that he would not be able to bear the verdict.

During his interrogation in 2012, he was the only one of the suspects to state that the then army leader and main suspect Desi Bouterse personally shot two people.

At the beginning of the trial, ten years ago, there were 25 suspects. Four suspects have died earlier and two people are being brought before a separate lawsuit. The prosecutor has now demanded or demanded a criminal sentence against fifteen suspects. Six people, including the current president Bouterse, heard the maximum sentence of twenty years against him

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