Spanish police roll up drug gang: five Dutch arrested

Spanish police roll up drug gang: five Dutch arrested

World October 9, 2018 16:16

la nucia - The Spanish police have rolled up a large drug gang in the province of Alicante, consisting of five Dutch people and a Moroccan. They are accused of drug trafficking, possession of weapons, growing marijuana, and being part of a criminal organization. In addition, they taped electricity on a large scale in an illegal manner.

The gang wanted to grow eighty thousand cannabis plants annually in a shed in La Nucia and in twenty different dwellings. With that, ten tons of hashish could be grown annually. They wanted to make Alicante the largest producer of marijuana. It is one of the biggest drug gangs that has been rolled up, according to the Spanish police.

The business came rolling in August. Then local residents discovered that marijuana plants in garbage bags from a house were taken in cars. The police were called in, and they discovered the remains of a cannabis plantation that had been evacuated in haste. A gun was also found.

After that, the police discovered a network of crophouses spread over the province of Alicante. More than eight thousand marijuana plants were found in Mutxamell, Rebolledo and El Campello. The researchers discovered thousands of devices for the installation, assembly and preparation of room crops in houses in a shed on an industrial site in La Nucia. The agents estimate that with the material stored in the shed, twenty nursery homes would be set up- good for a production of eighty thousand plants a year, where ten tons of buds could be kept every year. The organization also had its own machine for cutting, pressing and packaging the buttons. The weed was intended for the Dutch, Belgian and German markets.

In one of the houses jewelery, watches, 7500 euro cash and a semi-automatic pistol with silencer were found- and also two luxury vehicles. What surprised the police the most was the way in which the drug gang came to their power: they broke sidewalks and made direct connections from the electricity network to the plantations with cables. Then they used the same type of tiles to cover the street again. Electricity companies had already registered a high energy consumption in the area, without being able to discover where it came from. Around 45,000 euros of electricity had been stolen from one of the nursery homes.

The four Dutch men who were arrested were arrested between 39 and 43, a Dutch woman of 40 years, and a Moroccan man of 46 years.

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