Pedo wants to use land to abuse children

Pedo wants to use land to abuse children

World August 23, 2018 16:00

london - British pedophile Jason Leonard does not agree with the restrictive measures imposed on him. The man is of the opinion that after his conviction for the possession of child pornography, he is treated as a second-class citizen in his homeland.

The 37-year-old Jason is planning to move to a country where the minimum age for sex is lower, but may not leave the country in connection with his conviction. He has been labeled by the British police as one of the most dangerous sex offender in England. This is how Metro reports.

He confessed his wish during an interrogation in court. Jason believes, among other things, that a child is old enough for sex when he can talk and prefers a partner who is between 12 and 14 years old.

In 2013, 251 child pornography images were found on Jason's computer. For this he had to stay in the cell for 32 months. If he is released he may not have contact with people under the age of 16, his internet behavior will be monitored and he may not leave the country.

The request of the sex offender to be allowed to leave the country after his sentence was immediately rejected. He will have to stay in the United Kingdom and have to participate in his rehabilitation process.

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