'Spain raises autonomy of Catalonia'

'Spain raises autonomy of Catalonia'

World September 20, 2017 14:36

barcelona - The premier of the Spanish region of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, complained during Wednesday that Spain had effectively lifted the autonomy of the Catalonia region. He said that the government in Madrid is totalitarian and is a shame for democracy.

Puigdemont called on the Catalans to massively vote on the proposed referendum on independence on October 1.

This is being prepared by the government of Puigdemont in Barcelona according to the Spanish government and the rulers in violation of the constitution. Catalonia is ruled by a coalition of separatist parties. In a series of invasions by the Guardia Civil, fourteen civil servants were arrested in regional government offices, including the second man at the regional ministry of economic affairs, Josep Maria Jové.

Spanish media report that the fourteen plays an important role in the organization of judicial illegal referendum. The convictions were made in connection with a criminal investigation commissioned by a judge in Barcelona. This focuses on office crimes, disobedience and eclipse committed by directors who still prepare a referendum with government money.

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