'Roll of poop' on beach Barcelona

'Roll of poop' on beach Barcelona

World August 16, 2017 21:30

barcelona - Anyone on the Barcelona beaches buy something to eat or to drink at an outpatient retailer should not look strange at the guts. The Spanish newspaper El País revealed that the waiters often offer poor value. In some cases, the amount of E. coli bacteria found was large enough to speak of 'sandwich of poke'.

The reason for an inquiry was the message that the beach police received more than 7000 complaints about the illegal providers of wet or dry clothes in two months. They have been active in Barcelona for a year or five. At the request of El País, a laboratory analyzed the sandwiches, empanadas (stuffed dough flakes), mojito and sangria on the presence of germs.

In one of the cocktails, a value of 720 was found for colibacteria, where it should be less than 10. In a packed roll, 6000 was considered six times as safe for public health. Causes of spoilage and contamination are poor hygiene and insufficient cooling in the provisional kitchenettes. Only the sangria fulfilled the standards according to the lab, presumably because it is given out immediately.

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