Robotkat provides companionship without charges

Robotkat provides companionship without charges

Tech November 19, 2015 17:00

- Toy manufacturer Hasbro introduces a new robotkat for lonely elderly people who like to party like an animal but do not want to have to change the litter box or to suck hair.

by According to Hasbro, the Joy For All robotkat the look, feel and sound of real cats. Without the animal actually having tested, I should like cat owners say that my cats still look a lot less creepy than the toys and stiff one. The interaction, the manufacturer has made ​​as real as possible. Integrated sensors for movement and touch the robotkat reacts like real cats do. If the left cheek is stroked, the cat hid his head in the hands of his friend and people like you in his neck cuddles he will spin. When you keep him long stroke, he would lie on his back so that his stomach will turn. Hasbro says with the new robotkat ($ 99) to focus on everybody from 5 to 105, but explains in his campaign focusing on lonely elderly.

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