Oldest inhabitant of Europe died

World December 16, 2017 13:03

barcelona - The Spanish Ana Vela Rubio died at the age of 116. She was the oldest resident in Europe. The woman died Friday in a retirement home in Barcelona. Rubio was born on October 29, 1901 in Andalusia.

The high-aged woman moved to Catalonia in the 1940s from southern Spain. She leaves behind a 90-year-old daughter who went to live in the same old people's home four months ago as her mother. Ana Vela was rarely ill. She did not get the first problem until she was 109 years old when she contracted a femoral fracture.

The Spanish was the second oldest man in the world. That list is led by the 117-year-old Japanese Nabi Tajima. Emma Morano died in Italy in April. Until that moment, it was the last living human being born in the 19th century. The oldest inhabitant of Europe is after the death of Rubio another Italian, the 115-year-old Giuseppina Projetto.

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