'No hidden space in Tutankhamun tomb'

'No hidden space in Tutankhamun tomb'

World May 6, 2018 19:30

cairo - Researchers have found no evidence of hidden spaces at the burial chamber of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Some experts had speculated that the remains of Queen Nefertiti might be in an undiscovered room.

A months-long investigation by the Polytechnic University of Turin has shown that such a space does not exist, says the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. The Minister of Antiquities had indicated in 2015 that '90 percent' was certain that something was still behind the walls of the tomb. That would have been shown by a scan.

Nefertiti owes its fame to, among other things, a circa 3300 year old bust, which can be seen in a museum in Berlin. She was probably the stepmother of Tutankhamun. He gained worldwide recognition because his grave was discovered almost undamaged.

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