Myanmar opposition attacked with machetes

World October 30, 2015 00:11

rangoon - Members of the main opposition party in Myanmar on Thursday during a procession attacked by men with machetes and knives. The march in Rangoon organized by the National League for Democracy (NLD). Three people have been injured.

Beforehand, the organizers were already under threat, but the threats were ignored, writes the BBC. Several people were arrested after the attack.

Myanmar, formerly Burma, holds parliamentary elections next Sunday. The country has for decades been a military dictatorship, but in recent years the military has let up a bit. The upcoming elections are the first free elections in 25 years.

The NEEDLE expected to gain the most seats. Nobel laureate and party leader Aung San Suu Kyi has promised to lead the country when the NLD won the most votes. Aung San was 21 years under house arrest and was released in 2010. She keeps coming Sunday a procession through Rangoon.

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