Many victims due to explosives Raqqa

World January 15, 2018 17:36

raqqa - Backed up explosives make many victims in Raqqa, the former capital of Islamic State in Syria. Medical teams from aid organization MSF (MSF) treated 33 people in the first week of this year who were injured by explosions, including 13 minors.

'These people were injured when they returned to their homes in a city where there are still a lot of unexploded explosives and home-made bombs,' the aid organization said. Since October, he has taken care of 271 people who were injured in the area by explosions. '64 people were already dead or in critical condition when they arrived at the hospital. '

AzG calls the remaining explosives a 'persistent, invisible danger' for the thousands of civilians who return now that IS is expelled. The fact that such bombs in the area are cleaned up only to a limited extent comes, according to the organization, by a lack of material and expertise. 'Without scaling up eviction activities, victims will continue to fall. '

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