• 'Great terrorist attack foiled in Germany'

    'Great terrorist attack foiled in Germany'

    berlin October 18, 2018 01:32 Hot Recent News

    According to various media, the German authorities have prevented a major terrorist attack by Islamic State. This was preceded by a survey of more than a year. It was intended that in June three jihadist teams would travel to Germany to make the preparations and ensure implementation.

  • 'Coalition against IS lies about Raqqa'

    'Coalition against IS lies about Raqqa'

    london June 5, 2018 08:54 Hot Recent News

    The US-led international coalition against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist movement has, without worrying about the residents, tore down the city of Raqqa for large parts. Human rights organization Amnesty International concludes this after research in 42 places in the ruins of the Syrian city and after conversations with survivors.

  • Many victims due to explosives Raqqa

    raqqa January 15, 2018 17:36 Hot Recent News

    Backed up explosives make many victims in Raqqa, the former capital of Islamic State in Syria. Medical teams from aid organization MSF (MSF) treated 33 people in the first week of this year who were injured by explosions, including 13 minors.

  • Hundreds of American soldiers left Syria

    washington November 30, 2017 17:15 Hot Recent News

    More than four hundred American soldiers leave Syria. They assisted there according to the international coalition against Islamic State at the battle of Raqqa, formerly the actual capital of the terrorist organization.

  • Syria has again Deir al-Zor

    damascus November 3, 2017 09:27 Hot Recent News


  • Moscow: Raqqa inherited fate of Dresden

    moscow October 22, 2017 11:57 Hot Recent News

    Moscow accuses the international coalition against IS of 'barbaric' bombings on former Raqqa IS building. 'Raqqa inherited the fate of Dresden, wiped away by British and American bombings in 1945,' said a spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense.



    beirut October 17, 2017 11:00 Hot Recent News

    US-supported Syrian militias have expelled Islamic State (IS) from the Syrian city of Raqqa. This stated the Syrian Observatory on Human Rights Tuesday, which usually ranks on local sources.

  • Raqqa is about to fall

    Raqqa is about to fall

    beirut October 14, 2017 08:48 Hot Recent News

    Raqqa, declared by the Islamic State in 2014 as the capital of the caliphate, is about to fall. A spokesman for the Syrian-Kurdish militia YPG said on Saturday. It is rather a matter of hours than days. 'The battle continues, but IS is almost defeated. The city can already be freed today or tomorrow, 'said Nouri Mahmoud.

  • Recovering last part Raqqa on IS from start

    Recovering last part Raqqa on IS from start

    raqqa October 11, 2017 00:57 Hot Recent News

    The alliance of Kurdish and Arab armed forces begins Sunday evening with the rebuilding of the last part of the Syrian city of Raqqa on Islamic Islamic Territory Organization (IS). For many years, the city was the most important city under the control of IS.

  • Red Cross is in distress for violence Syria

    Red Cross is in distress for violence Syria

    geneva October 10, 2017 21:09 Hot Recent News

    The International Red Cross is very concerned about reports of many hundreds of civilians and devastated hospitals and schools in Syria in recent weeks. According to the organization, violence is currently the strongest since the fall of East Aleppo in December last year.

  • Troops Assad pulled up to Deir al-Zor

    Troops Assad pulled up to Deir al-Zor

    beirut September 4, 2017 06:48 Hot Recent News

    The government forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are making great progress in the fight against Islamic state and will soon reach the city of Deir al-Zor. The governor of the same-named province, Mohammed Ibrahim Samra, expects the Syrian army within 48 hours in the city.

  • IS is the last bolts of Syria soon lost

    IS is the last bolts of Syria soon lost

    geneva September 1, 2017 15:09 Hot Recent News

    The latest civilizations in Syria of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group were likely to fall in late October. That said Staffan de Mistura, the UN Envoy for Syria, against the BBC. Then, according to De Mistura, preparations can be made for 'credible' elections.

  • Battle for Last Resistance at Tal Afar

    Battle for Last Resistance at Tal Afar

    baghdad August 30, 2017 17:33 Hot Recent News

    Iraqi soldiers and Shiite fighters are trying to recapture a small place outside former IS building Tal Afar. It has been estimated that hundreds of hard-hardened IS fighters are imprisoned. It is the last place in the city where the jihadists still stand, say high soldiers.

  • Russia claims to kill 200 IS warriors

    Russia claims to kill 200 IS warriors

    moscow August 21, 2017 09:33 Hot Recent News

    The Russian Air Force has certainly killed two hundred warriors of Islamic State (IS). The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that fighter aircraft fought terrorist warriors when they were on their way to the city of Deir al-Zor in eastern Syria.

  • Still 2000 IS warriors in Raqqa

    Still 2000 IS warriors in Raqqa

    washington August 4, 2017 21:30 Hot Recent News

    In the Syrian city of Raqqa, more than 2,000 warriors of Islamic State (IS) are expected to fight for the continued existence of their organization. That said the US Special Envoy for the Coalition Fighting against IS Friday.

  • England takes away nationality jihadists

    England takes away nationality jihadists

    london July 30, 2017 12:03 Hot Recent News

    The United Kingdom deprives 150 jihadists and other criminals of British citizenship. The government is afraid that former citizens would come back to their homeland, collapsing as Islamic state, The Sunday Times writes. Even of jihad brothers, the nationality has decreased.

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