Large oil slick after collision cargo ships

Large oil slick after collision cargo ships

World October 9, 2018 17:00

toulon - Around the cargo ships that collide on Sunday in the Mediterranean Sea is an oil slick of hundreds of square meters. The oil has leaked from one of the ships, according to ARD.

According to the French authorities, this concerns six hundred tons of fuel oil that is found to twenty kilometers from the ships. French and Italian ships try to collect the oil and suck it up. Cleaning takes a few days.

On Sunday, the Tunisian ro-ro ship (for the transport of lorries) Ulysse drilled into the Cypriot container ship CLS Virginia, which was anchored off the coast of Corsica. The collision caused a crack of several meters in the hull of the container ship.

The French environment minister Fran├žois de Rugy has criticized the captain of the Tunisian ship. 'It is too early to say exactly what happened, but it is certain that the rudder is not paying attention. 'The weather was good at the time of the accident.

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