Judge gives 50 sexual escapades but quickly removes the word 'secretary'

World November 17, 2017 18:09

columbus - A candidate for the governorship of Ohio, and a member of the Supreme Court, has made a slip on Facebook in an attempt to counteract controversy. He wrote to have had sex with 50 women, including a 'beautiful blonde' with whom he frolicked 'in a hayloft'. That this lady was the personal secretary of a senator disappeared quickly from the Facebook message.

'Now that the dogs are barking to the head of Senator Al Franken, it's time to speak out on behalf of all heterosexual men,' Bill O'Neill begins, referring to the senator under attack for alleged sexual abuse. 'Let me save my opponents some time. In fifty years I have been sexually intimate with fifty very attractive ladies. It ranged from a wildly attractive blonde, my first real love, with which I had passionate sex in her parents' hayloft, to a beautiful redhead from Cleveland, 'we read in the latest version.

However, in an older version there is another addition: the wildly attractive blonde was 'the personal secretary of Senator Bob Taft'. Moreover, the beautiful redhead was a 'senior adviser to Peter Lewis'.

The message from O'Neill has in any case missed its effect. He actually wanted attention to political issues because he was 'disappointed' about the # metoo discussion, but more than a hundred people responded within an hour, with few positive words for O'Neill. 'You have to resign,' someone writes. 'Bill, seek help,' writes another. Even a victim of sexual abuse feels addressed, and tells about her own experiences.

By the way, O'Neill did not say anything about sexual harassment in the message, and he suggests that the sex with both ladies of which he speaks specifically took place with the consent of both.

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