• Heroic cyclists rescue injured puppies

    Heroic cyclists rescue injured puppies

    columbus July 20, 2018 18:21 Hot Recent News

    A five month old puppy was rescued after the animal had been hit in a place where normally few people would come. Fortunately, fanatical cyclists Jerrett Little and Chris Dixon drove by, who never doubted when they saw the dog.

  • US returns stolen letter Columbus

    US returns stolen letter Columbus

    vatican city June 14, 2018 17:00 Hot Recent News

    A 525-year-old copy of a letter from Christopher Columbus that was stolen from the Vatican was returned to the Pope on Thursday. This happened after joint investigation by the American Ministry of Security and archaeological experts from the Holy See.

  • Judge gives 50 sexual escapades but quickly removes the word 'secretary'

    columbus November 17, 2017 18:09 Hot Recent News

    A candidate for the governorship of Ohio, and a member of the Supreme Court, has made a slip on Facebook in an attempt to counteract controversy. He wrote to have had sex with 50 women, including a 'beautiful blonde' with whom he frolicked 'in a hayloft'. That this lady was the personal secretary of a senator disappeared quickly from the Facebook message.

  • Striker Ohio possible self radicalized

    Striker Ohio possible self radicalized

    November 29, 2016 19:30 Hot Recent News

    The 20-year-old Somali Monday eleven people injured when he crashed into pedestrians and stuck around with a butcher knife in the US Columbus, may be 'self-radicalized.' So say sources close to the police investigation. Meanwhile terrorist organization Islamic State called the culprit 'a soldier of the caliphate.'

  • 'American policeman shoots dead 13-year-old'

    'American policeman shoots dead 13-year-old'

    September 20, 2016 04:42 Hot Recent News

    "An American police officer shot and killed a thirteen-year-old black boy who, it turned out, a toy pistol pointed at him. The boy, Tyree King, was to have participated, according to the police suspect a robbery, so the police wanted to arrest him."

  • Agent takes bite out of sandwich glass

    Agent takes bite out of sandwich glass

    columbus July 19, 2016 17:54 Hot Recent News

    An embarrassing incident in an American lunchroom. A policeman in the city of Columbus was injured when he unsuspectingly sank his teeth into a bun; the sandwich was found to contain glass shards. Police are investigating whether there is intent on the game, until that time the snack bar is closed.

  • Quarrel over white Martin Luther King

    Quarrel over white Martin Luther King

    columbus November 11, 2015 15:30 Hot Recent News

    The choice of a theater company in the United States to a white actor to have the role of Reverend Martin Luther King play has led to excited reactions. Especially writer Katori Hall of the piece, itself a dark woman is very angry.

  • Ohio also allows all executions

    Ohio also allows all executions

    columbus October 20, 2015 09:41 Hot Recent News

    The US state of Ohio will carry no more executions until 2017, because there are problems with obtaining resources needed for making lethal injections. Friday, the state of Oklahoma already announced until next year to no longer carry the death penalty, because of doubts about the use of the right product in the injections.

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