IS close gynecological clinics in Raqqa

IS close gynecological clinics in Raqqa

World October 29, 2015 17:00

london - Islamic State has all gynecological clinics closed in the self-styled caliphate. IS has shut down the work of male gynecologists, because men and women must remain strictly separated, reports The Independent Thursday on the authority of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Gynecologists been imposed in larger hospitals have work limitations during surgery.

The measures are yet another violation of women's rights in the Caliphate, where rape and forced child marriages are the order of the day and IS- fighters only have access to medication.

According to the business network ' Raqqa Is Quietly Massacred ' doctors are threatened in the area. " Many doctors have already left, especially gynecologists, who can not exercise their jobs and threatened with death ", said founder Abu Mohammed.

The Syrian Observatory is located in England and reported on the authority of witnesses and activists in Syria about the situation there.

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