In 26 countries, rather than marriage to school

In 26 countries, rather than marriage to school

World October 9, 2015 21:33

london - Girls running in 26 countries around the world to get a better chance to be married before their eighteenth or further education. Aid organization CARE International published which claim to be " alarming " figures Friday .

In Niger, 76 per cent of girls marry before they reach adulthood, and only 10 per cent receive further education. Niger thus stands at the top of the black list of CARE, followed by Chad, Central African Republic, South Sudan and Somalia. Girls were not in greater numbers to walk down the aisle than in classrooms, the organization said. Each time a girl is forced to marry or prevented from training, is a missed opportunity to improve the life of that girl and poverty to tackle the roots. Child marriage increases the risk of serious injury or death, because the girls have children before their bodies are ready. They also run a greater risk of domestic and sexual geweld. Dagelijks worldwide 39 000 girls forced to marry, says CARE based on figures from the United Nations. An estimated 62 million girls missing out on education, half of whom were in puberty is.In June, the UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution calling for an end to child marriages and early or forced marriages.

In addition, the board approved child marriage as a human rights violation.

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