Hunter accidentally shoots dead animals in zoo

Hunter accidentally shoots dead animals in zoo

World October 21, 2015 16:25

oslo - A hunter in Norway mistakenly shot dead two reindeer that ran in a zoo in northern Norway. The hunter realized shortly after the incident that he had seen the fence around the zoo overlooked.

The children stood in the Polar Park, south of the city of Troms and north of the Arctic Circle. The hunter was according to several media in a group en route when one of the dogs caught the scent of the reindeer and under the fence at the zoo ran.

The hunter explained no good to look around them and fired immediately. The bullet killed one of the animals immediately. The bullet went through the animal and touched the other in the abdomen. This beast had to be put down. According to the zoo overwhelmed the man was apparently so fanatic in search of prey that he is " not thinking ".

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