Hirsi Ali:

Hirsi Ali: " only promising record refugees '

World October 16, 2015 14:28

amsterdam - Ayaan Hirsi Ali , former member of parliament for the VVD, Netherlands warns that the only " promising refugees who want to adapt " must admit. Those who do not mention the former politician " fanatics , cheaters and cost ," she said at a secret meeting held in Leiden, the content of which leaked through social media.

Hirsi Ali believes that refugees can be included only if they " here can get to work , and willing to accept Western values. " Other refugees according to Hirsi Ali , who resigned in parliament due to the abandonment of a false name at her naturalization as a Dutch , " fanatics " who want to fight Western values ​​, young men who take care threaten to crime and " cost ". According to Hirsi Ali make it little chance on the labor market , "; and they will only get the society going to cost money . "

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