'Hello, this is Brussels'

'Hello, this is Brussels'

World January 8, 2016 17:14

brussels - A new campaign is to lure tourists back to Brussels. Because of the terrorist threat and the presence of soldiers and officers in the streets, the tourist is massively stayed away from the Belgian capital. Wrongly takes the agency for tourism, because Brussels is still an attractive destination.

         Therefore depend on three places in the city special phones. Anyone who wants to know how things work in Brussels can make free calls via a Web site to one of the phones. The intention is to pick a passer.,, The Brussels residents are indeed the best placed to answer any questions that doubting tourists can imagine, '' sounds with the organization.
The phones are located on the Mont des Arts, near a number of major museums, the Place Flagey and on a square in Molenbeek. This municipality in recent weeks came very bad press because some of the perpetrators of the attacks in Paris lived here.
A webcam and records everything on the website is to follow everything live.

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