Google Maps brings Montblanc map

Google Maps brings Montblanc map

World January 21, 2016 13:35

- The Mont Blanc massif is added to Google Maps. That made the tech company in Mountain View on Thursday on its website.

'' One of Europe's highest mountains and the wild area around the famous mountain range is the land of passionate climbers and fearless adventurers. From today you can in Google Maps close, 360-degree image, behold the breathtaking beauty of the Mont Blanc ', 'states the press release.

To the mountain and to the surrounding terrain, Google worked with 'world-famous alpine photographers, skiers, climbers and cyclists. In addition to 360-degree image, movies are also available. So you can run with Kilian Jornet, who has handled record of the fastest Mont Blanc up and running down, and climb an ice wall along with Laetitia Roux.

Climate Change

Google also calls attention to how climate change melts the glaciers of the French mountain. '' This Streetview is both a digital record of the Mont Blanc as it looks today. Future enthusiasts and scientists can thus look back in time and see how the mountain has changed. ''

Once before such a large project was undertaken. Last year, Google El Capitan (a vertical rock formation 900 meters high) in Yosemite National Park in California identified.

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