Give away fortune hobby tech billionaires

Give away fortune hobby tech billionaires

Tech December 2, 2015 17:30

- Parenthood makes people think about the future of our planet. Similarly, new father Mark Zuckerberg, who immediately made ​​a great gesture by pledging 99 percent of his Facebook will power to spend on charity. But Zuckerberg is by far not the only generous tech billionaire...

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook):Thanks to the Facebook founder is giving away your fortune back in the spotlight. The birth of his daughter has Zuckerberg it excessively persuaded to use his considerable fortune of roughly $ 45 billion to "help further human potential" and "promote equality". They are rather vague goals, but he obviously still has some time to figure out exactly what that means.  Bill Gates (Microsoft):Gates has made a name as one of the world's richest people, but also as one of the greatest philanthropists. He along with Warren Buffet, the creator of The Giving Pledge, a pledge that can do the rich with the bulk of their fortune is donated to charity. Gates' fortune at $ 79.2 billion will be divided almost completely, probably through his Bill & amp; Melinda Gates Foundation.  Tim Cook (Apple):Apple CEO Tim Cook has joined the Giving Pledge club of Gates and Buffet. It is notable, however, that only the CEO of one of the most valuable companies in the world a personal fortune of "only" $ 785 million has.  Larry Ellison (Oracle)The founder of software giant Oracle sitting there with a value of $ 56.2 billion fairly well-off, but Ellison has promised to donate his fortune largely to charity. Like virtually all other billionaires he has previously his own foundation, the Ellison Medical Foundation.  Reed Hastings (Netflix)Gates also has Netflix CEO Reed Hastings' knowledge to get that he will donate the bulk of his $ 1.5 billion for his death to charity.  Elon Musk (PayPal, Tesla)The personal fortune of the founder of PayPal and Tesla is estimated at about $ 13 billion. Musk also made the Giving Pledge. Hopefully there is still some money left, because Musk SpaceX also is busy with his own space company that has not yet been determined profitable...  Michael Dell (Dell)Perhaps Michael Dell is simply not ready yet, if he has not been requested, but the founder of Dell has not yet his personal fortune ($ 21.8 billion) promised to give away. That's not to say he does not do charity: through his own foundation, he has already given away $ 800 million.  Jeff Bezos (Amazon):Also, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (estimated net worth: $ 46.7 billion) has not yet indicated interest in having the Giving Pledge, but he has an interest in renewable energy. Together with among others Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg wants him stabbing $ 20 billion in the development of ways to generate green energy.  Jack Ma (Alibaba):Although Jack Ma (accounted for $ 22.5 billion) for years in homeland China is a well-known businessman, was in 2015 the year his web store platform Alibaba broke worldwide. He also joined the green energy initiative of Zuckerberg, Gates and Bezos.  Sergey Brin (Google):Of course, a top executive of Google should not be missing in the list of tech benefactors. Besides the fact that Google itself has a charitable arm, is co-founder Sergey Brin ($ 34.3 billion) his own foundation. This he has already adrenal $ 1.5 billion invested in various forms of charity, such as medical research into genetic diseases.And for people who are not so well in the slack was sitting, there is now a new way to contribute to a better world. The new siteMake Some Change lets visitors watch commercials, with the proceeds going to charity.

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