From sweet boy to sample

From sweet boy to sample

World November 13, 2015 12:30

london - From angelic smiling schoolboy into monstrous terrorist in the world. That is the personal history of Mohammed Emwazi, the 27-year-old Londoner lurking appears to be behind the masked Jihadi John and which is now slain by an attack by a US drone in Syria.

Emwazi was born in 1988 in Kuwait as the oldest in a family of seven children. At 5 years of age his parents try their luck in England. After moving them settle down in London, where Emwazi Christian St. Mary Magdalene School follows. He's the only non-English speaking students, but is popular because of his talent as a footballer. The problems start at Westminster University, studying computer science Emwazi. The program shows a hotbed of fanatical Muslims. He was interrogated in these years by the British domestic intelligence agency MI5. He will, among other things asks what he thinks of the terrorist bombings that cause dozens of deaths in July 2005 in London. " It seemed tells wise to say that this is pure extremists were ", he later representatives of Cage, an organization that helps people who have problems with security. Distrustful answers Emwazi should have aroused suspicion. If Emwazi after graduating in 2009 will fly to Tanzania for a safari vacation as he says, he was arrested on the advice of MI5, held for hours and put on a plane to Schiphol. There he will be put through their paces by the AIVD and British security services. They think he wanted to fly to Somalia to join there with extremists. Emwazi tells representatives Cage later that he refuses to work during this period for MI5. " This refusal will cause you much trouble ", he is told. Emwazi works since 2010 more than a year in his native Kuwait. If he gets his visa revoked returning to London in 2012. In elementary school was Emwazi's favorite book How to kill a monster. In Syria Emwazi eventually murderous monster and hoofdafsnijdende as the world knows him.

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