Free food with Michelin star

World December 23, 2017 06:42

milan - The Italian chef Massimo Bottura starts two new restaurants in Paris and Naples. This time, these are not eateries for the better-off who can spend 250 euros per tabloid, but for people who can barely manage.

Bottura wants to cook with foods that are about date: 'I have always thought that breadcrumbs, overripe tomatoes and brown bananas are possibilities for us to show our creativity. It is certainly not a waste. '

It is not the first time Bottura has committed itself to minimums. In 2015 he started a temporary project in Milan, where he used the food left in the Expo's food stalls to prepare food for the homeless. That was such a great success that he decided to permanently cook for people who do not have it broadly.

'It's a real restaurant, not a soup kitchen', emphasizes the Michelin-awarded chef. The only difference with a 'normal' restaurant is that the Bottura guests will not be charged afterwards.

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