• Starbucks in coffee sky

    Starbucks in coffee sky

    rome September 7, 2018 18:00 Hot Recent News

    The American entrepreneur Howard Schultz sees his dream come true in the center of Milan. The first Italian Starbucks opened its doors yesterday in the former post office on the square piazza Cordusio, which looks like a palace.

  • Long queue for first Starbucks in Italy
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    Long queue for first Starbucks in Italy

    milan September 7, 2018 17:32 Hot Recent News

    Italy is the land of cappuccinos and espressos, but the Italians are now also faced with frappuccinos. The American chain Starbucks has opened its first tent in the country on Friday. There was a long line with hundreds of tourists and Italians in front of the Milan office. 'I hope the coffee tastes better here than in America,' said a Milanese customer.

  • Protests for and against Italian president

    Protests for and against Italian president

    rome May 29, 2018 13:12 Hot Recent News

    At the end of the week, both supporters and opponents of the Italian president Sergio Mattarella want to take to the streets. The Social Democrats of the Democratic Party (PD) want to demonstrate Friday in Rome and Milan for 'the state institutions' and for President Sergio Mattarella. The protest party M5S wants to make a day of demonstrations against Mattarella of the national holiday, Saturday 2 June.

  • Judge 'rehabilitates' Berlusconi for return to politics

    Judge 'rehabilitates' Berlusconi for return to politics

    milan May 12, 2018 16:06 Hot Recent News

    Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi may, according to the Italian media, hope for an early return to politics. 'Berlusconi has been rehabilitated', headlined the newspaper Corriere della Sera on Saturday, relying on a court decision in Milan. On this basis, the 81-year-old veteran can again stand for election and hold a political office.

  • Freedom, joy and a tad of feminism

    Freedom, joy and a tad of feminism

    March 6, 2018 18:27 Hot Recent News

    After New York, London and Milan, it was Paris's turn with the winter fashion for 2018/2019. Under the motto Bonjour Paris everything was pulled out of the closet. The locations were allowed some costs and there were again bubbles and parties after the shows. Also from the optimistic atmosphere on and around the catwalks it became clear that the fashion world is back in the wind. The sales of the international big brands are still on the rise and that makes the designers happy.

  • Investor more comfortable on Italy

    Investor more comfortable on Italy

    amsterdam February 26, 2018 07:57 Hot Recent News

    The fourth economy of Europe would become uncontrollable by the elections on 4 March, leave the EU and discharge the euro. The new government is almost certainly moving to the right, while extremes on the left and right are trumpeting loudly. But worries on financial markets over Italy are declining drastically.

  • Tens of thousands demonstrating in Italy

    Tens of thousands demonstrating in Italy

    milan/rome February 24, 2018 22:27 Hot Recent News

    A week before the parliamentary elections in Italy, tens of thousands of people demonstrated on Saturday in different cities of the country. Significantly more people than expected took part in an anti-fascist demonstration in Rome despite the bad weather. The protest was peaceful, said a spokesperson for the police in the evening.

  • Models with severed heads on catwalk at Gucci
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    Models with severed heads on catwalk at Gucci

    milan February 22, 2018 10:06 Hot Recent News

    If you present your new clothing collection, you must of course create a special atmosphere. Gucci thought that Italian fashion work at least when she had her models cut off heads during the fashion week in Milan. The severed heads were in turn lifelike replicas of the heads of the models.

  • Italy contests EMA decision at EU court

    Italy contests EMA decision at EU court

    luxembourg January 31, 2018 11:18 Hot Recent News

    Italy and the city of Milan are officially challenging the decision of the EU Heads of Government to establish the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Amsterdam at the European Court of Justice. The court in Luxembourg said that the Italians want the decision to be canceled.

  • Spying software listens and reads

    Spying software listens and reads

    milan January 17, 2018 13:24 Hot Recent News

    Cyber ​​security guard Kaspersky has discovered new espionage software. It affects devices with the Android operating system. The spyware has been given the name Skygofree. He can listen to unsuspecting people through the microphone and record conversations.

  • Boat with migrants suffers shipwreck: eight dead

    milan January 6, 2018 17:27 Hot Recent News

    In a shipwreck off the coast of Libya, eight people were killed on Saturday. Dozens of others are still missing, 84 people on board could be saved. The accident is immediately the first deadly incident this year with migrants in the Mediterranean.

  • Vegan chef kills family

    phoenix December 27, 2017 13:57 Hot Recent News

    An American chef at a vegan restaurant is suspected of having killed his ex-wife and his two children on Christmas Day.

  • Happily Italian chef Marchesi (87) dead

    milan December 26, 2017 21:24 Hot Recent News

    At the age of 87, the famous Italian chef Gualtiero Marchesi died in Milan. Many consider him as the founder of the renewed Italian kitchen. Marchesi died of a heart attack according to Italian media.

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