First Japanese fighter pilot inspired by Top Gun

First Japanese fighter pilot inspired by Top Gun

World August 25, 2018 04:32

miyazaki - First Lieutenant Misa Matsushima is Japanese first female fighter pilot. The 26-year-old Matsushima has officially completed her training yesterday and may therefore take place in an F-15 Eagle.

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The pilot was inspired by Top Gun: 'Since I saw Top Gun as a primary school, I have always had a great admiration for fighter pilots. 'She wants to be an example for other Japanese women:' I want to work hard to fulfill my duty, not only for myself but also for women who want to follow this path in the future. '

Women have been active as pilot in the Japanese Air Force for a quarter of a century, but only since 2015 are they allowed to crawl behind the helm of a fighter plane. Matsushima is the first woman to successfully complete the training for fighter pilot.

The Japanese armed forces were always a male bastion, but that is slowly changing. Earlier this year for example, the 44-year-old Ryoko Azuma became the first woman to call herself the commander of a flea squadron. According to Azuma, her sex does not play a role: 'I do not think about the fact that I am a woman. I want to put all my energy into fulfilling my duty. '

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