'Evidence for flood myth originating from China '

World August 4, 2016 22:42

oslo - Chinese researchers claim on the upper reaches of the Yellow River to have found evidence for the origin legend of the Chinese empire.

They dug would have been shattered bones of children victims that 4000 years ago a devastating earthquake and flood. Which also left traces in the rock and the river deposits on the spot, they ask.

The large landslide blocked the researchers the river, which then formed a huge lake. The raised earth did not keep more water and a sample flow for thousands of kilometers downstream swept away everything, they write in the journal Science.
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It is the first time that evidence has been provided for the legendary flood, says lead researcher Wu Qinglong. That marks in many Chinese chronicles the rise of the hero Yu, which would have brought the Chinese rivers under control, and then would have founded the empire.

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