Escaped parrot scolds firefighter and flees

Escaped parrot scolds firefighter and flees

World August 14, 2018 18:16

- An escaped macaw in London's Edmonton district got the laughs on her hand after she escaped from her cage and also had a big mouth opposite her helper. A fireman who tried to win her trust, she scolded with 'fuck you'. Then she fled.

After the escaped parrot Jessie was on a roof for three days, worries about her welfare increased. A firefighter who was given the job of removing her, came up with a big surprise.

He was told that he could win Jessie's confidence by saying 'I love you' to her. He did so and the colorful parrot said 'I love you' again. Yet it was soon over with the flattery, when Jessie began to speak out other learned phrases.

'Fuck you!' She told her helper. He was not badly offended and he understood the humor. He did not have much time to laugh, because Jessie flew demonstratively to the next roof. Then the cheeky parrot sat down in a tree.

In any case, it was clear that Jessie was not injured.

A day later, however, she flew back to her worried owner. He recorded a short video with a special message for the firefighter. It takes a while, but then Jessie says- very nice- thank you.

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