Dutch algorithm detects hack Twitter

Dutch algorithm detects hack Twitter

Tech May 1, 2017 12:12

enschede - An algorithm developed by Dutch students is able to detect hacked Twitter accounts. Computable writes that the student, Meike Nauta, has defined six properties that determine a score. In 99 percent of the cases, it is determined by the score that a tweet has not been sent by the owner of the Twitter account.

The algorithm designed by Nauta looks at the language of the tweet, the time of sending, the device that sent the message, any link in the tweet, the frequency of tweets, and whether there is a retweet. The purpose of the algorithm is to limit the damage. 'If you discover a hacked account within 24 hours, you can reduce the number of victims by 70 percent, according to literature.'

Nauta is studying at the University of Twente. According to her, the model is not only for Twitter, but also for other social media. 'It's about detecting striking behavioral changes, which could also apply to social media like Facebook,' she said to Computable.

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