Discover a rare baby snake with two heads

Discover a rare baby snake with two heads

World September 24, 2018 09:48

washington - A rare find in a garden in the US state of Virginia: a living baby snake with two heads. That the copper head with two heads was found alive, is unique. 'Usually these animals do not live that long', according to an expert. 'Going through life with two heads is usually too great a task for these animals.'

The poisonous animal has been transferred to a stay for reptiles, where research will be done into how the snake functions. 'It seems that the left-hand head of the animal is more developed and especially controls the body', the expert told CNN. The two heads share one heart and one pair of lungs. On the basis of scans, it seems better that the right-hand head eats, but the left-hand head is probably better off.

If the beast knows how to survive, interested people can admire the animal in the future.

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