Deepest underwater cave discovered

Deepest underwater cave discovered

World October 4, 2016 13:30

prague - Czech and Polish researchers have the world's deepest underwater cave discovered. The meter of the equipment they used, stood at 404 meters. The limestone cave called Hranická Propast and can be found in the Czech city of Ostrava.

A Polish diver made it necessary for work. He dived 200 meters of the robot apparatus. The researchers reach the idea that the deeper recesses of the cave than 404 meters. Until now measured the deepest underwater cave 392 meters, located in the Italian capital Rome.

The diver could not go down because the cave was too narrow. The deepest dive ever a man took, was 332 meters. That descent took the diver twelve minutes. Again come to the surface, lasted fifteen hours. The human lungs can only slow draining the nitrogen present.

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