Deadly shootings in the US

Deadly shootings in the US

World June 13, 2016 11:54

orlando - Shooters, particularly in schools and universities, occur frequently in the US Sunday least fifty people were killed by a shooting at a gay club in Orlando. An overview of other major shootings since 1999.

2015: San Bernardino, California. A man and a woman fourteen people shoot in the Californian city of San Bernardino. They came later in a hail of bullets from the police. It was an Islamist terrorist act.

2015: Roseburg, Oregon. At a school drop fifteen dead and twenty people get hurt. The culprit is shot.
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2012: Newtown, Connecticut: Twenty young children and six adults killed in a school in Newtown. The offender commits suicide.

2012: Aurora, Colorado. During the showing of the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises in the US city of Aurora, putting the 24-year-old James Holmes, dressed as the Joker, twelve people dead. Nearly sixty people injured.

2012: Oakland, CA: Seven people are killed by a shooting at a Christian college in Oakland.

2011: Tucson, Arizona: A 22-year-old man begins during a political meeting in a supermarket to shoot him. Six people are killed. Among the more than ten wounded the Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. She gets hit in the head but survived the attack.

2009: Fort Hood, Texas. Army psychologist Nidal Hasan opened fire on the staff of a military base, with 13 deaths and 42 injuries.

2007: Omaha, Nebraska. A twenty archer shoots his machine gun in an empty mall. There are nine dead and five wounded.

2007: Blacksburg, Virginia. A student of Virginia Tech university shooting on campus down 47 people, of whom 32 died. The offender commits suicide. The way into the club in Orlando was the deadliest shooting by a single gunman.

2006: Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania. A truck driver kills five schoolgirls at a school for Amish, and wounding six others before he deprives himself of life.

2005: Brookfield, Wisconsin. A man pointing a massacre during a church service in which seven people will die.

1999: Littleton, Colorado. Two teenagers shooting at Columbine High School twelve of their fellow students and a teacher dead and then commit suicide.

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