Data Recorder freighter El Faro still looking

Data Recorder freighter El Faro still looking

World November 4, 2015 09:30

- The wreck of the sunken freighter El Faro this week than can be found on the seabed, the data recorder is still missing. Such a recorder is similar to the black box in a plane.

On it are all kinds of travel details, such as the communication from the captain. This information could potentially provide more clarity about the cause of the sinking of the freighter near the Bahamas.

According to US authorities, El Faro probably perish when it came through the hurricane Joaquin in trouble. In addition, the vessel is partially broken. On board were 33 people : 28 Americans and five Poles. Niemande survived the disaster. The ship disappeared on October 1 while it was en route from Florida to Puerto Rico.

In addition to the data recorder is also the so-called bridge of the ship, the place from which is controlled, has not yet been found. It is one of the parts that are broken off from the boat. Monday said the institute for transport safety still the wreck " intact " was. A day later it turned out that after studying with bright lights and a camera still be shifted. It is now trying to find the bridge with a sonar device.

The owner of the missing freighter, TOTE Maritime, trying to prevent through the courts that the families of the missing passengers can file a claim. The company believes that it has proceeded carefully. If the court goes along with it, victims' families get no reply.

The sinking of El Faro is the worst disaster under a US-flagged cargo ship in more than thirty years.

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