Confusion about Julian

Confusion about Julian

World August 19, 2017 16:09

barcelona - Julian Cadman, the seven-year-old boy from Australia who was missing after the bloody attacks in Barcelona, ​​is again right. In fact, he never lost.

All the while he was beside his mother in a hospital in the city of Barcelona.

That made the Catalan police today known on Twitter. 'We have not found a child, and we are not looking for it,' said the Catalan police this morning. 'The deadly victims and wounded are traced and we are working on identification. '

The messages about the loss of Julian went all over the world. Julian and his mother came to Barcelona for a wedding of a cousin of her. Just when the terrorist white bus drove over the Ramblas on Thursday afternoon, making dozens of victims, Julian and his mother Jom Cadham walked along the walkway. His mother was hit by the bus and became severely injured. She was taken to a hospital in Barcelona.

Her family probably did not hear anything about Julian's fate, and then spread the message that the boy would be divorced from his mother during the attack and that they did not know where he was.

According to El Pais, the Catalan police told the father this morning that his wife and son were together in one hospital. He did not go to the wedding in Barcelona but stayed in Australia. It seems that he escaped on the plane without telling the family members that Julian was in hospital with his mother. Perhaps it came through the hectic, perhaps because he did not think the family assumed that Julian was missing.

While the father was on his way to Europe, the family members of the woman brought out the news of the 'loss'. The message was widely distributed in Australia, with the request to share it. 'If you also know someone in the neighborhood to share this, please do that,' said his godfather Colin Baxter on Facebook.

After that, the message was going to lead its own life. 'Julian's father has escaped to search for his son,' wrote many Australian newspapers. The message also ended in Europe and Barcelona, ​​with the request to share it. Complete with signature: Julian would wear a white shirt, fly air sunglasses and a hat with print.

But eventually Julian appears to be in the same hospital as his mother. What hospital is there, the Catalan police do not leave any announcements. Also not about the state of Julian's health.

'We appreciate your cooperation but to prevent misunderstandings and especially from respect for the family, we do not make official announcements,' said the 'Mossos' on Twitter.

The mother is severe, but stable. The father can at least close his wife and son in the hospital. And Australia, Europe and Barcelona can be restful: Julian is right.

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