Concerns children of China

Concerns children of China

World October 29, 2015 15:45

- The announced end to the one-child policy in China is as yet no end to the major social and economic problems of this policy. The looming shortage of young people in the labor market, a shortage of revenue to pay pensions in the future, a large surplus of single men and a generation of children who, according to some researchers, especially like spoiled little emperor in the life to come.

The controversial policy was introduced in 1979 by the Communist Party government to curb population growth. A second child gain was punishable by fines and even imprisonment. It resulted in decades on a boom on (selective and forced) abortions, sterilizations and (forbidden) echoes to determine the sex of an unborn child. Millions of children are also illegally born and they are now living without papers and rights. The traditional preference for boys also made that the number of girls-foundlings exploded. China now has an army of men not the women can come, with all the psychological and social consequences. The traditional care and support of children for their parents also put increasing pressure on an increasingly smaller group. Exception Ende politics already knew exceptions for Chinese people not belonging to the largest ethnic group of Han. Rural farmers were already receiving a second child if the first one was a girl. In 2013 was further determined that families might have two children if one parent is an only child. Meanwhile, the labor force and the population is aging rapidly declines. Chinese people are also living longer and are healthier. Pension costs and costs have risen enormously, without the working population can finance all of that. Not for nothing that China puts a lot in raising labor productivity in order to earn more so with fewer people to keep the company afloat. On the figures, the estimates vary, but the one child policy has ensured that there are hundreds of millions of Chinese children less born in the last few decades. China can ensure the prosperity of the Chinese people now have increased. For those in power but now it is clear that this positive development no longer outweigh the drawbacks: the threat of subversion of China's rise as a global economic power.

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