Computer immediately predicts depression

World October 25, 2017 08:09

leuven - The University of Leuven says to be able to calculate the risk of a first-year student developing a mental illness or becoming addicted to alcohol.

Young adults between 18 and 24 struggle relatively often with psychological problems. It is suspected that big changes, such as leaving home, moving your friends and your birthplace, give an extra push, so De Standaard writes.

The KU Leuven has developed an algorithm that predicts whether you develop a depression within one or two years, get a suicidal episode or become addicted to alcohol. By interfering earlier, they hope to prevent them from getting worse.

In recent years, hundreds of students who participated in the study already received an email when there were alarms. Treatment is usually done online.

'Our approach is all about helping,' says Ronny Bruffaerts, psychologist and professor of psychiatry at KU Leuven, leading the research. 'We should not wait for someone to come to us to talk about problems freely. '

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