Colossal boulder Spooky approaching Earth

Colossal boulder Spooky approaching Earth

World October 29, 2015 11:45

lead - ' Spooky ' is coming! The colossal space rock, with the official name TB145, shaves next Saturday at a speed of 125,000 kilometers per hour ' narrowly ' along our earth.

The Panstarrs telescope in Hawaii got the asteroid with a diameter of nearly 500 meters, two weeks ago suddenly into view. If it had been on a collision course, this would have been too late to take action, runs the somewhat disturbing comments Paul Chodas, head of NASA's "Near-Earth Object office '. Spooky gets its name from its sudden appearance and the fact that he passes on Halloween our planet at a distance of 483 000 kilometers. On intergalactic scale negligible distance. The piece of space debris has a diameter of 500 meters and is considerably larger than the asteroid that hit in Chelyabinsk in Siberia in 2013 and where 1200 people were injured. It had a diameter of up to 17 meters. When the boulder, more than 100 meters higher than the Empire State Building, Saturday would hit the earth, this would result in serious damage. Read the full article about 'Spooky'- Collision Course not just turn off

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