Clinton: Trump not funny but dangerous

Clinton: Trump not funny but dangerous

World December 11, 2015 16:07

- US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has spoken out strongly against Donald Trump. She mentioned the statements of the most popular candidate for the Republicans ' shameful ' and ' dangerous'. "I think that he is no longer funny," Clinton said during an appearance on NBC 's Late Night. Her remarks were followed by loud applause from the audience.

After the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino Trump has called to keep an eye on mosques and Muslims to deny access to the United States.

" He's gone too far. What he says now is not only shameful and wrong, it is dangerous ", ruled Clinton, who is leading the Democrats.

According to her Trump plays directly into the hands of Islamic State. " He gives them a great propaganda tool, a way to recruit more people in Europe and the United States. I think everyone, especially other Republicans, must stand up and say : Enough, you've gone too far. "

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