Catalan separatism loses support

World November 27, 2017 10:39

barcelona - Less than a quarter of the Catalans (24 percent) want to continue trying to separate the region from Spain. That has put forward an opinion poll for the newspaper El País Monday. Catalan government leaders have since 2012 tried, with an aggressive anti-Spanish language policy, to break up Catalonia from Spain.

That happened at the time under the leadership of Prime Minister Artur Mas and since the end of last year under the direction of his successor Carles Puigdemont. With the crisis that Puigdemont caused last month with his illegal referendum on independence and the proclamation of the republic, he has made it too colorful according to many Catalans.

According to El País, the spirit of independence has also fallen within the most fanatical separatist parties, such as the extreme left CUP. According to the poll, only 56 per cent are in favor of the continuation of the separatist line. In the new party coalition of the Puigdemont, Junts per Catalunya, which went to Belgium, just 58 per cent are in favor of continuation of the policy that directs secession.

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