Call Russia and US airspace over Syria

Call Russia and US airspace over Syria

World October 10, 2015 11:22

- Russia and the United States to talk about how they can ensure safety in the airspace as they conduct bombardment in Syria. The US Department of Defense expected Friday that the talks with the Russian army will take place this weekend.

Last week it was announced that let US fighters swerve to avoid collisions with Russian jets over Syria. The fear of an accident occurred after an aircraft of the US Air Force a bit of course had to change to a collision voorkomen.

The discussions will probably be about how much space there is between gears of the US and Russia should sit and what language and radio frequencies the air forces of the two countries should use the BBC. The USA writes showed Wednesday namely military not to want to cooperate with Russia, but are willing to technical consultations in order not to endanger the lives of fighter pilots.

The US would not go up with Russia in the fight against Islamic State (IS) , because Russia would carry out aerial attacks on opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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