British House of Lords stiff talking about porn

British House of Lords stiff talking about porn

World November 5, 2015 19:00

london - The House of Lords talks Thursday about pornography, with mostly older Lords and Ladies stiff upper lip should broach racy topics. The nobles want clarity about what needs to happen for young people to get any wrong ideas about sex, but British media mainly to entertain the tone of the debate.

Led by the Bishop of Chester. " No single civilization, not even the Roman, has shown much infaamheid and degenerate nudity and ugly, filthy, obscene sex ", judged the priest.

He was not the only cleric who interfered with the interview. " are set there that claim, and I do not know whether I understand that pornography has improved their relationship ", the Bishop of Bristol marveled.

Conservative Lord Farmer called porn a " heterosexual Meat Market " and is concerned about the violence that can cause porn in relationships.

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