Bonje in prison by order of the day

Bonje in prison by order of the day

World November 26, 2016 22:57

amsterdam - As many as five times a day have specially trained crisis teams pluck in Dutch prisons. Guards of an Internal Assistance Team (IBT) are then bombarded with stuff and even feces.

Last year was deployed in an IBT Dutch prisons definitely 1659 times, RTL News reported Saturday on the basis of documents of the crisis teams.

In prison in Vught had the most to intervene 272 times. The penitentiary in Vught is one of the largest in the country, but also because there are many special sections in the device. Also in the penitentiary Haaglanden was often intervened 250 times.

IBT'ers be used in potentially dangerous jobs. They need to move detainees example, and be used in suicide attempts.

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