Bodies found after rescue kidnapped woman

Bodies found after rescue kidnapped woman

World June 2, 2018 18:30

boston - The American police made a morbid discovery after a kidnapped woman was accidentally rescued from a car. The authorities discovered three bodies at the home of the motorist in Springfield, Massachusetts, in the past few days, reports US media.

Agents overpowered the suspect almost a week ago after a chase. The 40-year-old man had run away when the police wanted to keep him standing because of a broken rear light.

The police officers found a seriously injured woman in the car after the arrest. She stated to have been detained and raped for about a month in the man's home.

The authorities then instituted an investigation at the suspect's home. They discovered several bodies, the cause of which has not yet been determined. The research is still in full swing. Researchers use, among other things, a ground radar to search for buried objects.

Residents react shocked to the find. 'If he had not stopped because of the backlight, nobody would ever find out,' said a 23-year-old woman against the Boston Globe. 'It is scary. '

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