Apple Watch cracked sign language baseball players

Apple Watch cracked sign language baseball players

World September 6, 2017 10:12

boston - The Boston Red Sox are in line. The American baseball players deciphered the characters of opponent New York Yankees for a throw, partly thanks to an Apple Watch. As a result, the battle men knew exactly how the pitcher would throw the ball. Players and trainers may use their own eyes to crack the opponent's codes, but technology is strictly prohibited. Even binoculars are not allowed.

At each throw, pitcher and catcher with busy hand and arm gestures declare how to throw. Each baseball team has its own characters, which constantly change and are guarded as state secrets. When the Red Sox and the Yankees played against each other at the beginning of August, an assistant coach from Boston's club often suspected his Apple Watch. Then he spoke to the other players on the bench, who then sent a message to the team's fellow players.

According to the New York Times, Red Sox analysts looked at the office with the contest. They saw the signs and passes through to the Apple Watch on the couch. The first time this happened, the Red Sox immediately beat a homerun.

The Major League Baseball, the World Cup Competition, has launched an investigation.

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