Agent takes to graze colored pupils

Agent takes to graze colored pupils

World October 27, 2015 12:09

columbia - In America disgust commented on a video which shows how a cop in a South Carolina high school student brutally dragged through the classroom. The officer in question would have used more violence against African- American students.

The policeman was called to the classroom because the students disobeyed and refused to stand up when she was sent to the classroom. The pupil of the Spring Valley High School is subsequently drawn much strength from her seat and thrown to the ground. The girl is dragged from the room. Then, the agent runs the arms of the girl on her back.

The action of the police worldwide can count on a lot of criticism. On Twitter and Facebook already thousands of people have expressed their disapprove of the excessive violence.

The finding American inspectorate said in response to the incident "disturbing". " Safety of students is a top priority. " A also shocked spokesman for the local police says that the incident is investigated.

The agent, Ben Fields, has two lawsuits to hang his pants due to inappropriate force against students. The poltieman would African- American students falsely accused of gang activity and crime.

In America, it is common that an agent is in a class if something is amiss. Dutch pupils can in turn expect a mandatory visit to the rector.

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